2012 Olympic Results

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My main prediction that the Russian team would dominate in freestyle wrestling was wrong. They got only 1 gold, 1 silver and 2 bronze medals. The team really didn't show their potential. The team was not prepared physically and mentally for this Olympics. The change of the head Russian coach just months before the Olympics was obviously not the right move by their administration. However, I was right about the US team. The team had a great tournament - 2 gold medals and 1 bronze. The Americans are on the right track to again become a world powerhouse in freestyle. Also, 2 gold medals for Azerbaijan didn't surprise me. It is a solid team.

When the Russian team returned home from the Olympics, the medal placers were all treated as national heroes. The president gave national medals of honor to each of these athletes. Each of these athletes also received a new Audi (Audi A8 - gold, A7 - silver, A6 - bronze) from the president. They also received a monetary reward from federal and local governments as well as from business sponsors. In their hometowns, they organized parades for them. All of this motivates young athletes to become Olympic champions. Everybody would like to be a hero.